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I first want to thank you for posting to QuickEasyAds!  If you have a good offer that generates interest my site will genuinely drive hands free targeted traffic to your website for as long as your ad doesn’t get bumped off. On the other hand, if your ad is just something like “Make X amount in the next Y days” or “Click here to make money” you probably won’t get click-throughs.  So my first advice is to offer something of value on the front end.

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If you are trying to generate an income online there is no way around it, you must spend either time or money on advertising.  There is no such thing as money for nothing so stay away from programs or “business opportunities” that promise large amounts of income for little to no work.  If its too good to be true it probably is!  I have spent years discovering good traffic sources that will convert into leads/signups that will generate sales and income.  No matter what you’re advertising online you MUST have a system in place that allows your efforts to be rewarded in the long term.  It’s only when I started building my own email list and follow up system that I began to make good money online.

Advertising Advertising?

In the make money online (MMO) niche, the best thing you can do is offer free advertising/traffic in exchange for joining your email list.  Many people get roped into programs with the promise of quick riches.  They quickly realize that they will make very little or nothing unless they actively promote the program/affiliate website they joined.  This is why “advertising advertising” will generate a much greater response in the make money online niche then trying to make a quick buck by driving traffic directly to your money making affiliate site or business opportunity.  Once you start building a list you can always drive highly responsive traffic to any website (including your MMO offer) you want with a simple email.

In short, begin building your email list by offering free traffic to those attempting a home based business.  This is why I started QuickEasyAds in February of 2021.  I got it from IncomeWay.Com, however unfortunately they stopped taking new customers… But that’s not stopping you from doing something similar.  There’s a comparable similar service called AdCardz which may interest you.

Best Marketing Tools:

My #1 recommendation for building your own email list and other tools is LeadsLeap.  Not only will LeadsLeap give you all the tools needed to build your own email list but you will also be able to track all your online advertising efforts.  This way you don’t waste your time or money on traffic sources that don’t work!  The admin of LeadsLeap, Ken, is one of the most genuine and hard working internet marketing website owners I know.  He gives you all these tools for free! Click here for a screenshot of the members areaJoin FREE and USE whats available to you!

– Traffic from over 4000 websites and blogs.

– Realtime tracking (through trckapp) that shows the activity of your website visitors and where they came from.

– Page builders and email marketing tools.

– Opportunity to earn through Pay Per Click (PPC).

Its amazing… Join Today and explore.

My Best Advertising Sources!

I have been using LeadsLeap tracking for over 2 years now and have found some great additional traffic sources.  I have listed my favorites below.  I use all of these to advertise QuickEasyAds and is how I’m able get new posts and get clicks on your text ads.

Search Engine Submission Tools (FREE):

This is for those with their own domain and hosting.

Ping My Links

TrafficsBest SEO

The rest can be used for affiliate links also.

Classified Submissions & Real PPV Traffic (PAID):

Done for you Classified Submissions

Real PPV Traffic

Ad Networks (FREE & PAID):

LeadsLeap – Traffic from 4000+ websites and blogs.

World Profit – Huge network of safelists, text ads and classifieds.

Safelist Submitters – Send solo ads to over 107,00 members.

Master Safelist Blaster – HUGE network of safelists you can email all at once.

AdsVert – Targeted Text Ad Exchange.

Buckets Of Banners – Banner Exchange.

Turbinance – Gets your banner ad on hundreds of sites with an optional BNB matrix.

Safelists (FREE):

Herculist – Largest safelist online.  Email 1000 daily free. 50$ lifetime membership to email 190,000+ daily.

Keys2Traffic – Fast growing membership.

SoloAdvertiser – 5 FREE Solo Ads.  Reach 7000+ members without clicking on ads.

1MillionCredits – Rare promo codes to 3 large safelists.

EasyTrafficBuilder – 3200+ members. Very easy to earn credits for solo ads.

Mister Safelist – 5300+ members.

List Outbreak – Viral growth. Very responsive list.

FreeAdvertisingForYou – Active membership. Many ways to advertise. Start with 6 free solo ads.

Traffic Exchanges (FREE):

Harvest Traffic Coop – Reach hundreds of traffic exchanges.

MillionLeadsForFree – Millions of members. Great source for new leads. Only reach active members.

Thats it for now. Please check back and bookmark this site as I will constantly update this list as well as add additional training on building lead capture pages and how to funnel your traffic for consistent and recurring profits.